By discussing ideas, opening debates and building a community, Bulla will put participants face to face.


An space for open dialogue, where you can decide if you want to be spectator or protagonist.


A horizontal, dynamic and inclusive forum to discuss the image in Latin America.


Based in the “open space” methodology, Bulla seeks to open cross-cutting discussion spaces in which those who create, think and disseminate contemporary image can participate in equal terms.



  • Every participant in the discussion has the same range and possibility to speak.

  • Every participant is pertinent, and those who take part are defined by one thing: the interest to be there. The ones who are present are the ones who count and are always enough.

  • Everything that is possible, happens, no more, nor less. There is no rooms for “what ifs” in these discussions.

  • Any time is right to start or finish, the schedules are simply guidelines. When it ends, it ends, and when it doesn’t, it doesn’t.

  • You must participate in the discussions that interests you and where you think you have something to add or learn. Commitment does not exist, if you get bored or upset, leave without remorse.

  • Listen more than you speak and let yourself be amazed.


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Cómo llegar

Estamos ubicados al norte de la Ciudad de México en Ingenieros Militares no. 77,  delegación Miguel Hidalgo. A un par de cuadras del Metro Cuatro Caminos salida paradero Sur.

Para llegar a nosotros da clic en el ícono.


Galerías y exposiciones

Jueves a domingo de 11:00 a 18:00 hrs.


El Foto Museo Cuatro Caminos cuenta con servicio de elevador, así como rampas para el uso de personas con discapacidad.


53 59 67 78


El estacionamiento del museo está inhabilitado por el momento. 

*Los cursos y talleres del museo tienen un horario independiente al de las exposiciones y deben consultarse para cada actividad.