FOCO MX is the most important photography exhibit in the country. It is comprised by more than 50 Mexican artists that participated in the Contest of Mexico’s Contemporary Photography, one of the biggest in Mexico. FOCO MX will be presented in the Foto Museo Cuatro Caminos from May 12th to August 12th.


Mexico is considered as one of the richest Latin American countries in photo production, the FM4C has been consolidated as a space whose objective is to promote, disseminate, recognize and stimulate the work that photographers do in our country through the different genres, expressions and applications of photography.

The jury was formed with 5 specialists

Gustavo Prado, visual artist, design teacher and scholar in Centro de Diseño, Cine y Televisión and Trendo MX’s creator. Mextilo’s author, a publication that compiles the history of fashion in Mexico.

Cristina de Middel, has work with different NGOs and prense. She conquered the international scene with her series The Afronauts winning the Infinity Awards, the Deutsche Börse Prize and the Lens Culture Portraits Awards.

José Antonio Rodríguez, PhD in visual arts, photography critic. He has curated dozens of exhibitions for museums and galleries in Mexico, The United States, South America and Europe.

Alejandro Chaskielberg, is a photographer and professor. Winner of prizes such as the All Roads- National Geographic Society of America, and the Leopold Godowsky Jr. in Boston University.

Domingo Valdivieso Ramos, was the project leader for the Fototeca Nuevo León CONARTE, was the director of the Centro Fotográfico Manuel Álvarez Bravo.

Winners of the 35 years and up category

1st Place: Fernando Montiel Klint


2nd Place: Laura Cohen


3rd Place: Melba Fanny Arellano Corte

Fernando Montiel Klint states “It is a fiction in which I portrayed a future, not how is going to be, but how I imagine it will, they way in which the human body will change as a container of digital devices, how technology will dictate certain behaviours or elements such as food, sexuality, landscapes, and so on. They are questions with which I try to have fun and explore new paths in my personal work.

The contest launched in 2012, promoted by the Fundación Mexicana de Cine y Artes AC and directed by Alfredo De Stéfan- a photographer from Coahuila that in 2015 was renowned by the magazine Quién as “one of the 50 figures who transform Mexico” and was described as one of the most important conceptual photographers of the country- who seeks to promote and support national authors and their work through platforms such as this one.


The contest was geared towards professional and non-professional photography and visual arts lovers, either Mexican or foreigners with continuous residence in the country. It consisted of two categories, “18 to 34 years” and “35 years and up”, these represented the difference between photography with traditional technique and digital photography, however, both created a symbiosis in which one cannot be understood without the other.

Winners of the 18 to 34 years category

1st Place: Mariana Alexandra Germán Montoya


2nd Place: Romeo Baltazar Suárez


3rd Place: Rebeca Cordero Valdez

First place winner talks about the piece “Its a cloud collection that grew out in my Masters, approached from literature and painting. I found interesting the idea of the clouds as a poetic interpretation of something that was created out of the science of methodology. What I did was to show these two disciplines through a photographic discourse.”

10 more institutions joined the project: Canon, Fundación Pedro Meyer, Foto Museo Cuatro Caminos, Gimnasio del Arte, Bindu Taller de Impresión, Carbón Cuatro Estudio, Editorial Expansión, Editorial EXIT, Artes de México e Hydra, each one granted a special prize by category.

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Cómo llegar

Estamos ubicados al norte de la Ciudad de México en Ingenieros Militares no. 77,  delegación Miguel Hidalgo. A un par de cuadras del Metro Cuatro Caminos salida paradero Sur.

Para llegar a nosotros da clic en el ícono.


Galerías y exposiciones

Jueves a domingo de 11:00 a 18:00 hrs.


El Foto Museo Cuatro Caminos cuenta con servicio de elevador, así como rampas para el uso de personas con discapacidad.


01 55 7258 2786


El estacionamiento del museo está inhabilitado por el momento. 

*Los cursos y talleres del museo tienen un horario independiente al de las exposiciones y deben consultarse para cada actividad.