The world of contemporary photography has discovered landscapes through the aerial view of the drone, the production of images has now changed from being an introspective exercise, what happens inside, what I see through the shutter, to what the eye sees outside of me, in the sky.


The exhibit goes through photos taken from the sky in hot air balloons from the 18th century up to the technological use of autonomous spaceships, drones, and satellite image from the 21th century. It explores the vision of the skies, a perspective that has created different ways of seeing and creating photography.


Knowing the land has always been one of the biggest themes of aerial photography, since it’s not only use to shoot cities but for archeology too. All of the urban changes in Mexico were recorded by the Compañía Mexicana de Aerofoto, repertory lent for this exhibit and safeguarded by the ICA.


The photographers who participated in this exhibit are:


  • Santiago Arau Pontones, with city view that resemble anthills and that have make him popular in Instagram with 14,800 followers.

  • Francisco Laresgoiti, director in “México 2033” the first science movie in Mexico, and that from these futuristic opportunities became a drone photographer.

  • Federico Pardo, photographer of social, cultural and environmental themes, that in addition experiments with portraits in this perspective.

  • Javier Hinojosa, who has an extensive authorial works in archeology, ecology and vision of nature.

  • Pablo López Luz, is one of the most renowned young urban photographers who has foray with his urban works and aerial shots.

  • Marco Pacheco, trendsetter in drone technology in Mexico and has dedicated some considerable part in the last few years to explore these and other new digital dispositives.

  • Adam Wiseman, who uses documentalism and public image to build his own language experimenting with new uses of the aerial image.

  • Francisco Mata Rosas, who explores algorithms through satellite pictures while carrying image to three-dimensionality.

  • Josh Begley in his piece “Field of Vision -Best of Luck with the Wall” where he makes a virtual tour through all the borderline between Mexico and The United States. This video has had an enormous impact in social media for its political context, in which the piece dialogues between visual technologies and contemporary narratives.




Gustavo Prado

Melissa Valenzuela

Samantha Urdapilleta

From March 4th to September 3rd 2017.


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