If you want to live in Mexico City as an editorial fashion photographer, you’ll end up doing “vanilla”: clear images of Caucasian, rich and happy models in a boat, on the beach, in the Condesa or in a limited imaginary like a soap opera. There is a certain indoctrination which dictates that these images are what the public, media and brand want.


In the wide photography world, fashion takes are the ones that have broken schemes and have expanded the borders of  image. In other centuries, painting abused “the pose” through portraits as the means to exhibit the greatness of characters and to underline the face of beauty by challenging time.


Fashion photography does not pretend to have the criterion of truth in documentary, nor in psychological depth of the constructed photograph. That is why it is more ludic, light and experimental. It is the laboratory of new definitions of gender and the mirror of social change. In it, the motives are beauty, style and essence of fashion. Now, in the twilight of printed editorial, this type of photography is as free as its instagrammer manifestation and capable of summoning an audience who likes non-stop, sharing it and making it their own.


This exhibit does not define territories, it shows Mexican fashion photography today: aware of what happens outside and what comes out of the muddy grounds of an “editorial-fashion” world that is too conservative. A sexy photo, that in glimpses intuits other types of beauty and plays a little with genres and its identities but has the importance of NOW. Some of these authors are the spearhead of Mexican creativity to the world, with independent magazines, developing projects outside the circuit of great art that renews the language of image from a young perspective.


The way we know dresses and brands is always through photography. Our fashion, Mexican fashion, is in eternal construction. And these photos multiply the promise of a trinomial fashion-editorial-image that seeks consolidation. They give a fresh look to photography through different points of view and at the same time only those photographers who escape from the soft images of conventional media will be those who can challenge time and become legends. They will be part of a larger imaginary, in which as usual they go hand in hand with photography and dress, causing dreams and aspirations in the spectator’s imagination.

From July 19th to August 21st 2016.


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