Nowadays we live image through ephemeral aesthetics, which light up and evaporate, flow in a rhythm marked by consumers. Within them, error is not a failure, it is a condition and an opportunity.


In the digital world a sudden mistake that does not affect efficiency and is obvious to the eye is called a glitch. An unexpected feature to which users must adapt.


The world of fashion and digital art have resumed the glitch aesthetics that inhabited the nineties, giving rise to #glitchart and #vaporwave.


They represent the way in which creative possibilities of accidents are valued in our time, in which we adapt to the visually unforeseen, to fail without failure.  


Graffiti and other urban artistic expressions exert creativity in the midst of urban chaos. They know and must adapt to environmental conditions, to abrasive walls, to paint drippings, to police persecution, to decreased produced by the weather and that is incorporated into the art work. They are, in themselves, urban glitch and visuality that dislodges us in its relationship with the metropolis and its inhabitants.


When opening a space in the museum for this type of visual expressions, the everyday language of the image and reflection on its meanings, uses and ways in which speech, art, city, design, fashion and the digital world intersect.

July 19th to August 21st 2016.


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Cómo llegar

Estamos ubicados al norte de la Ciudad de México en Ingenieros Militares no. 77,  delegación Miguel Hidalgo. A un par de cuadras del Metro Cuatro Caminos salida paradero Sur.

Para llegar a nosotros da clic en el ícono.


Galerías y exposiciones

Jueves a domingo de 11:00 a 18:00 hrs.


El Foto Museo Cuatro Caminos cuenta con servicio de elevador, así como rampas para el uso de personas con discapacidad.


01 55 7258 2786


El estacionamiento del museo está inhabilitado por el momento. 

*Los cursos y talleres del museo tienen un horario independiente al de las exposiciones y deben consultarse para cada actividad.